Opportunities to join the lab

PostdocĀ  position

A two-year postdoc vacancy is currently open in the lab of Prof. George Bassel at The University of Warwick.

This position will perform research investigating the relationship between cell organization, communication and gene expression in plants. By leveraging recent advances in sample preparation and 3D whole mount hybridization, multidimensional imaging of plant organs will be performed. Subsequent state-of-the-art computational image analysis will examine the impact of patterning and intercellular communication on gene expression patterns. This will provide fundamental insight into the basis of organ design and feedbacks onto gene regulation.

Recent papers relating to this project include:




Candidates should have a PhD (or equivalent) in biological research, and ideally specialist knowledge in confocal microscopy and whole mount sample preparation. Experience and a willingness to learn computational approaches to investigating biological processes is also desirable. Candidates should also have high degree of motivation, a particular interest in applying interdisciplinary approaches to plant development and imaging, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Applications can be made here:


Fellowship Positions

Enquiries from potential postdoctoral scientists are welcomed. There is often the possibility of applying for fellowship positions with funding fromĀ various funding agencies.