Opportunities to join the lab

Postdoc  position

A 3 year postdoctoral vacancy using a combination of mathematical modelling and synthetic biology with the overall goal of synchronizing the germination of populations of seeds is current open.


The vast majority of plant agriculture begins with the planting of a seed. The rapid and uniform germination of seeds is necessary to ensure harvest dates and suppress competition from weeds. The germination of crop seeds is not however always uniform, a problem exacerbated by variable environmental conditions (Mitchell et al. 2016, J. Exp Bot).

This BBSRC-funded postdoc position in the labs of Prof. George Bassel and Dr. Iain Johnston seeks to uncover mechanisms underpinning the heterogeneity of germination in model and crop seeds. This is a continuation of our previous work:



Knowledge derived using experimental and modelling approaches will be implemented in the crop species lettuce using targeted genome modifications in order to improve germination in this species.

Applicants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply to this interdisciplinary project.

Fellowship Positions

Enquiries from potential postdoctoral scientists are welcomed. There is often the possibility of applying for fellowship positions with funding from various funding agencies.