Arabidopsis 3D Digital Tissue Atlas

3D digital representations of Arabidopsis tissues can be downloaded here.

These include:

  • 3D cell geometry
  • Cell connectivity networks describing cell organization in tissues
  • Annotation of cell types enabling cell type-specific analysis

Plant Hypocotyl Cellular Connectivity Networks

Networks describing the global organ-wide cellular connectivity of plant hypocotyls is provided below. These include data for three Arabidopsis wild-type ecotypes (Colombia, Landsberg erecta and Cape Verdi Islands), three Arabidopsis mutants (monopteros, cdka1;1 and laterne) and two additional species Poppy (Papaver rhoeas) and foxglove (Digitalis purpurea). Three biological replicates are available for each sample set in a ZIP file.

Data come from Jackson et al.2017, eLife.

Arabidopsis ecotypes:
Landsberg erecta
Cape Verdi Islands

Arabidopsis mutants

Other species

Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem (SAM) connectivity networks

Arabidopsis SAMs were live imaged at 11h intervals for 22h. Cells were segmented 4 layers deep into the SAM, and annotated according to the layer they are located in. Biological quadrupicates are provided.

Data for the wild-type Colombia ecotype can be found here: WT Arabidopsis SAM.

Data for the katanin1 (bot1-7) mutant can be found here: ktn1 Arabidopsis SAM.